Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, 15 years dedicated to Contemporary Art


For 35 years, the Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne brand has successfully developed its prestigious and accessible image to all who share an uncomplicated vision of Champagne. With good taste and rigour, instinct and intelligence, freedom and relentless effort, the brand has grown and flourished. And by adhering rigorously to this approach, Nicolas Feuillatte has risen through the ranks to feature among the top 5 Champagne brands in the world. It is with an equally instinctive and free-spirited approach that Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has chosen to ally its name with contemporary art. Deliberately allowing a free rein to creative spontaneity, the artist of the year has been chosen by the Nicolas Feuillatte in-house team. Every year since 1999, the brand has championed the work of a different artist. The commissioned work of art takes pride of place amid a permanent collection of contemporary art housed in the reverent surrounds of the company cellars, and is also showcased at a dedicated exhibition in Paris, featuring the artist’s most recent works.

To mark fifteen years of this collection, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has decided to stage an original and daring retrospective through the sensitive vision of an artist from the seventh art, Zabou Breitman. The award-winning actress, director and producer is the creative vision behind Bulles d’artists, a 10-minute short movie filmed in the vineyards, cellars and flagship boutique in Paris, subtly interweaving artists’ testimonials and works with the portraits of the personalities who shape Champagne. 

Influenced largely by her heart and daring spirit, Zabou Breitman has focused on the sensitive side of the men and woman who play an essential role in this adventure allying contemporary art with the art of Champagne. The film, to which she was given a blank canvas, is available on the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte website and social media, and screened at the exhibition which is open to the public in its cellars in Epernay.

 Photo credit : De Visu

Cutting Edge | Published on: 10 October 2014


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