2013, dedicated to Bohemian Chic,
Roaming spirit

In 2013, embrace the Bohemian Chic style!

With reference to the colourful sophistication of a new way of life, “Bohemian Chic” appears with audacity and grace, and a nod to the free-spirited, eclectic style of a thousand different lands. To savour without delay! “And the freedom to travel. Discovering the world, free to roam and explore in every sense.” 

The term “Bohemian” immediately conjures up images of mythical 1920s Paris, and the libertarian spirits who broke free from the bounds of artistic code and convention, whether in the intimate surrounds of a literary café, where life and the universe were debated day and night, or on the open road, setting out to seek new encounters along the way. Bohemia appeared like a beacon of cool to those keen to present their interpretation of the world…

Just like Bohemian Chic, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte transports us into the Beyond, offering an experience brimming over with colour and poetry; sometimes bordering the realms of fantasy, and always natural. At its very heart, lies the spirit of celebration, a caravan disappearing out of view, a long distance train or a leather trunk.

This free-spirited nature will resonate throughout 2013, illustrated in particular by our selected artist, Mexican visual artist Alicia Paz. Expect patchwork, collages and dream-like experiences.

Bohemian Chic: a rich patchwork of meaning.

And 2013 also sees the opportunity to collect new treasures, like a collection of holiday memories to be held for safekeeping. Nicolas Feuillatte presents the Bohemian Chic concept through a range of products that play on patchwork design. Popular art in the noblest of senses, a collection of travel mementos… a living tradition. Gift boxes, bottles and ice buckets with glittering hues have been specially designed to immortalise those moments of escape.

Cutting Edge | Published on: 18 March 2013


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