“AMARANTH”, together with
Alicia Paz, 
Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte 
Artist of the Year 2013

Every year since 1999, supporting contemporary art and diversity of vision, Nicolas Feuillatte appoints an artist who will be placed centre stage throughout the year.

Effortlessly embracing in 2013 the Bohemian Chic style that Nicolas Feuillatte is adopting as its annual theme, Mexican visual artist, Alicia Paz, is the recently crowned Artist of the Year. Indeed, her patchwork art and the many materials used in her works, only serve to strengthen the concept of escape and the journey into “the beyond” clearly stated by Bohemian Chic.

“Amaranth”, the work commissioned for Nicolas Feuillatte, is taken from the ancient Greek meaning “that never fades”, and could not have been more aptly named.

“Amaranth” evokes a magical and mysterious feminine figure, at a midpoint between gypsy and queen. Complex, hybrid and as boldly enigmatic as any actress can be, she epitomises the whimsical, libertarian spirit of Bohemian Chic to perfection.

Alicia Paz lives and works in London. In her most recent works, which represent true fictional landscapes, Alicia Paz turns to radically different spheres. Using images of trees, monsters, mountains and princesses, her artistry centres on the notions of disjunction, hybridity, assemblage and metamorphosis and allows her to express her personal vision of Bohemian Chic.

Three questions to
Alicia Paz.

How does “Amaranth”, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte’s artistic showpiece for 2013, fit within your portfolio as a whole?
To start with, this work is made of wood, whilst previously I had focused more on canvas. From a “collage” point of view, the piece is made up of a number of different elements from many different sources. I am a real collector! I As far as the “Amaranth” theme is concerned, it focuses essentially on the term “hybrid”, which “stuck” perfectly with Bohemian Chic!

And what essentially does the Bohemian Chic theme mean to you?
For me, it’s about eclecticism, the unusual and assembling a number of elements that have basically nothing in common. Bohemianism also conjures up the idea of globalisation, travel and movement. I have been able to travel with my job. I have been lucky enough to show my works in many cities and I have lived in 5 countries. Different cultures undoubtedly influence my work.

And what does Champagne mean to you? Love it or hate it?
I absolutely love it, of course! For me it is the most French and the most international wine there is, and you can’t say that about any other product! Champagne conjures up a moment of celebration that is both universal and prestigious. I just know that Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte is much more than just a brand.

Cutting Edge | Published on: 18 March 2013


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