A day on the set of The Transporter by Delphine Chanéac

Delphine Chanéac shares her innermost impressions of a typically long day on the set of “The Transporter” TV series, which she is currently filming in Toronto. Feelings revealed, secrets shared… diary-style…

“6am and my alarm goes off. If I had to go to Charles de Gaulle Airport or a meeting at somewhere like the Town Hall, I would be dragging my feet and grumbling, but on this occasion, I leap out of bed with a smile on my face before I even open my eyes. I live the adventures of my characters as if they were my own; I steal them and they take over my life completely. No time to hang around: shower, breakfast, coffee, bread and butter… even in Canada in the hotel lobby… 6.40am… yikes, I’m already late. On major productions such as “The Transporter”, there is a chauffeur assigned to each actor; a quick hello, or a Canadian 
“Hi bro”… Once on set, time for another coffee, a quick hug with the staff and then it’s hair and make up. In Canada, I am particularly close to my make up artist, who is a good friend. Ready now, and it’s time to wait… and wait some more… and an hour later, I might as well have stayed in bed… Anyway, here we go, rehearsal time, or “repetition” as they say in the language of France’s beloved Molière! When I’m filming abroad, I always put myself under a great deal of pressure, worrying if I will be able to follow the instructions of the director, or the screenwriter, who in this case is actually here on set. Tim always manages to get me to relax, or adjusts the script if I am struggling… Right, camera action! I love this particular moment, that slight tingling feeling from first screen nerves, and after, like a train on a track, I finally can get going. Chris Vance, my on-screen partner and leading actor of the series, is as nice as Tim, always happy to run through lines, or bring in new ideas. Between scenes we all chat about everything and nothing, with the technicians or the Director, Brad Turner. The day is quite choppy, alternating between being quite rushed and hanging around for hours at a time… But I’m used to this and the way the days pass by, so I have the latest Esther Freud novel with me. The corners are completely dog-eared, I make it look well-used, battered and torn…

7pm, home-time, bang on time… A quick supper in Toronto on the terrace, a sneaky glass of Champagne for the bubbles to blow away the cobwebs and a salad and we’re off again!!! Just like in the French song: 6 o’clock in the morning and I am shivering, my teeth are chattering and I turn up the sound… or something like that… Oops, I’m already late!”

Cutting Edge | Published on: 13 July 2012


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