Andreas Tuffentsammer & sommelier Mona Schrader:
Ambassadors of the brand 

Ole Deele Restaurant in Hanover, north Germany.
1 Michelin star - Gault & Millau rating: 15 points.

Chinese Portrait

If I were a favourite childhood dish, I would be...
AT: A sausage (“Saitenwürschtle”) served with Spätzles and lentils.
MS: Pasta salad.
If I were a Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne...
AT: A vintage Champagne.
MS: The Cuvée Prestige.
If I were an item of cutlery…
AT: A spork, which is a cross between a spoon and a fork (known as a “Göffel” in German and a “Georgette” in French).
MS: A pen-knife.
The person who inspired me to become a chef or sommelier...
AT: The parents of a very good friend of mine.
MS: The major vineyards in Germany and abroad.
A dream...
AT: Travelling the world in the pursuit of culinary art and visit the finest restaurants in the world.
MS: Make my own wine with a producer.
A country...
AT: Sweden, a country full of tradition close to nature, good quality of life, an open-minded and innovative country, design-orientated.
MS: South Africa, young, wild, epicurean, where the people are welcoming and the wines are good.
A town...
AT: New York.
MS: Havana.
A culture...
AT: “Scandi” culture.
MS: Japanese culture.

Which dish would you choose to accompany the Grand Cru Pinot Noir?
AT & MS: On its own as an aperitif, it’s magnificent! And when looking for something special, we serve it with shellfish fondant - it’s a stunning match!

Is Champagne essential in your restaurant?
AT & MS: Champagne plays a major role in our restaurant. Our cuisine is creative in style and a nod to regional terroir. Our clients love being spoilt and celebrating a special occasion here. And in this instance, an outstanding Champagne is a must, and always very much appreciated. In summer, it is also our favourite tipple for a relaxed afternoon or evening on the terrasse.

From beyond | Published on: 20 March 2013


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