Le Bibent, place du Capitole in Toulouse


Christian Constant, originally from Montauban, had a dream and made it a reality. Arriving in Paris for his adventure at Crillon, the Ritz, Violon d’Ingres and ultimately Top Chef, he has lost no trace of his accent nor his love of the region. And what could be more iconic than a beautiful, stylish brasserie in the Place du Capitole? 
From his terrace, he can reflect upon the vast, majestic square, where life in Toulouse simply goes on by. And it is from the balcony of Hôtel de Ville, the town hall that opens on to the square, where all the major decisions are announced, along with the results of the elections. This “Capitole”, which was historically the house of the Capitouls or the governing magistrates, is a monument whose origins date back to the 12th century, and which has remained the administrative seat of the city ever since. The current façade dates back to the 18th century. The square itself spans more than over 12,000m2, offering a spectacular vista, with absolutely nothing in its path. Indeed, nothing has ever been built to tarnish the views, even if a statue of Louis XIV, who was in power at the time, featured in very early plans dating back to the 17th century, which were agreed on this basis. In fact, the square was only built ten years after his death and his pledge was conveniently forgotten… 
Having become Place de la Liberté, Place de la Commune, Place Impériale and Place Royale, it took its current form, name and definitive scale in the 19th century, with its beautiful arcades and galleries. Many famous names have appeared on the Capitole’s balcony before a cheering crowd, the city mayor of course, but also, with each new title, the red and black clad rugby team fresh from Toulouse stadium to proudly show off the Brennus Shield to supporters.

Le Bibent
5 place du Capitole 
31000 Toulouse


Journey of discovery | Published on: 23 September 2014


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