French Overseas Departments, reflections of a “new” world

The 4 French departments located in America and the Indian Ocean make up a melting pot of memories, traditions and innovations. They represent a hive of creativity and are a textbook example of diversity. Together they form a nation of people who have built their own cultural identity based on their ascent to French citizenship. And as such, there is not a single, uniformly ethnic, linguistic or territorial criterion to truly define the singularity of these societies born of such a cultural mix.

Originating from India, America, Africa and even China, the population of these French overseas departments unites as one to produce the diversity of Creole life.

This wealth of culture is counterbalanced by an equally diverse climate and array of plant life. Visitors can discover in these four French overseas departments the entire wealth of landscapes that make up France’s own biodiversity, with tropical, mountainous and volcanic islands or luxuriant forest-covered terrain. And as an example, in 2010, an area of Reunion Island was added to the Unesco World Heritage list, testimony not only to the splendour of the landscapes, but also to a shared commitment to conserve and enhance local flora and fauna.

With a multitudinous array of culture, tradition and scenery, visitors will be utterly charmed by this other corner of France, and you will discover, over the course of your travels, possibly strange, even majestic, and always exceptional landmarks… unquestionably not to be missed. From Mount Pelée to the stunning Les Salines beach in Martinique, the Guadeloupe Natural Reserve with its 10,000 species of iguana, to the tropical forests at the heart of French Guiana and the more extreme exhilaration of canyoning, surfing and paragliding on Reunion Island… your initiation to the French overseas departments will remain with you forever.

Whether on a quest for adventure or to bask in the sun, a journey to the Beyond guaranteed…

Journey of discovery | Published on: 13 July 2012


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