Japan: Positive vibes and incredibly zen

The impressive Mount Fuji, stretching 3,800m high, is much revered by the Japanese, who love to take the time to recharge their batteries. This sacred mountain, rising up from the horizon with its snow-capped cone, is a powerful religious symbol for Shintoists and Buddhists alike. Its calming shape echoes the lotus leaf, while the smoke that escapes from within is said to come from the constant evaporation of the elixir of immortality. Food for thought while meditating at the foot of this sacred volcano, and even more so considering that after the spirit finds its karma, the body, in turn, can find peace.

 And for this, the “Onsen” hot springs can be found virtually everywhere in the land of the volcano, in the towns of Gero, Beppu and Hakone for example, perfect for a “spa” weekend or short break. The outdoor and indoor pools, whether carved from marble, cypress or granite, are filled with mineral water with a whole host of therapeutic virtues, where visitors can bathe for hours on end in total tranquillity.

And when it comes to accommodation, Japanese “Ryokons” are traditional inns constructed from typical materials of wood or bamboo, with sliding paper screens and floors bedecked with straw matting. Fitted with hot baths, which are also referred to as “Onsen” if the water happens to be sourced from underground springs, and vast bedrooms where the beds, or futons replace the low tables as night falls…Relaxation and silence guaranteed.

Journey of discovery | Published on: 11 December 2012


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