At the heart of little Venice…
in Alsace at JY’s

Situated in Colmar’s “Little Venice” in Alsace, JY’s is the type of establishment that transports you on a journey, with its innovative world cuisine and contemporary decor.

Jean-Yves Schillinger, chef-proprietor attributes as much importance to the fusion of traditional cuisine with more exotic flavours as to food and wine pairings, especially when it comes to Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte.

And what in your opinion is the optimum time to taste Champagne?
There are two moments that are particularly conducive to tasting Champagne: before a meal as an aperitif and at the end of a meal, served with dessert. 

Your cooking style owes its foundations to French cuisine, which you infuse with perfumes and local delicacies from more exotic lands. What inspires you to transport your clients far and beyond?
I seek inspiration from extensive travelling around the world, from the United States to Japan. I also had two restaurants in New York for a period of 8 years, which is a multi-cultural city. My cooking style, which could be referred to as “fusion”, is deeply rooted in French culinary tradition, which in fact forms the foundations for all cooking styles. My imagination takes care of the rest. The menu is a moveable feast as I am constantly seeking new flavours. Here at JY’s, I love to include dishes on the menu that combine the most exotic ingredients with more traditional, dishes such as local specialities from Alsace.

What role does Nicolas Feuillatte’s Brut Réserve play in this culinary harmony?
I really like dry wines and they generally marry particularly well with the kind of dishes I prepare. This is one of the reasons why Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Réserve can be served with all manner of dishes. From the wine list or by the glass, this Champagne can easily be enjoyed throughout a meal.

Journey of discovery | Published on: 04 June 2012


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