Stop in at the Totem Private
Members Club in Jersey

Like the Palmes d’Or bar, which was created as a tribute to Nicolas Feuillatte’s famous prestige cuvée, the Totem Private Members Club is a haven of peace where time stands still, and is a mine of inspiration.

The club opens its doors for an interview with its Managing Director, Michael J. Timms.

What is the Totem Private Members Club exactly?
The Totem Private Members Club is an exceptional venue, located in the heart of St Helier, on the island of Jersey. It is a private club for relaxing and business meetings alike, and an inviting and exclusive setting. Even the Club’s name conjures up strong and far-reaching symbolic references. Majestic and upright, creative and original, ‘Totem” evokes both historical and community values.

With its elegant and refined North American-inspired interior, we have been able to create a unique setting reflected in its design. Everything in the Club is bespoke, from furniture, materials and fabrics. The project represents a major investment, like the paintings adorning its walls. Since the launch of the concept, in just 5 years, we have now developed a perfectly functioning working system. Even today we are constantly making improvements to the setting, according to feedback received from our client base of exclusive members.

Who are the members of the Club?
Our members list consists of businessmen, key figures in the community, managers and men and women who are constantly evolving in both private and public circles. Totem is not exclusively for gentlemen, far from it. And case in point, women are playing a significant role in its development.

Would you say this discreet establishment, combined with the conviviality of a club where all the members know each other, is particularly conducive to business?
Members come to the Club to relax and enjoy the surrounds, to make contacts and network. Above and beyond the sphere of business, many firm friendships are founded. Members also use the Club as an intimate venue for holding business meetings and private parties, hosting events such as product launches and conferences. The Government has also approached the Club for events hosting foreign dignitaries visiting the island.

And what role does the Palmes d’Or bar have here at the Club?
The Pacific Oriental Lounge is a Champagne bar where we exclusively showcase and serve Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, including the Palmes d’Or collection. The perfect balance of originality and conviviality, this space is dedicated to guests who seek ethereal beauty and wish to spend a unique moment in time.


Journey of discovery | Published on: 04 June 2012


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