La Villa in Reims, the true story of carpaccio.



Back in the twenties, Giuseppe Cipriani was living in Venice, a barman by profession in a large hotel in the city. One of his regular customers, Harry Pickering, had met with a sudden reversal of fortune, and Cipriani lent him the money to return to his native country. Eternally grateful, Harry Pickering returned to Europe some time later and repaid him with considerable interest. With this small fortune, Cipriani was able to fulfil his dream and open a bar, which he named Harry’s Bar, after his benefactor.Twenty years on, while Harry’s Bar had become one of the most famous places in Venice, with frequent visits from the likes of Hemingway, Orson Welles and Chaplin, a certain Countess, who had been forbidden by her doctor to eat cooked meat, asked Giuseppe what he could prepare for such an ardent meat lover. So Giuseppe Cipriani came up with the idea of serving thin slices of raw meat tenderised with a kind of mayonnaise flavoured with Worcester sauce, a great favourite among Americans. The contrast of the bright red meat and the creamy white tones of the sauce reminded her of certain shades of Vittore Carpaccio’s oil paintings, one of the most popular 15th century painters, who was the subject of an exhibition at the time in Venice. Giuseppe Cipriani served the dish announcing his latest creation to his customer. And Carpaccio was born. Just next to the Halles, La Villa is a lively, contemporary eatery showcasing Italian dining and its famous Carpaccio.

La Villa
30 rue de Mars
51100 REIMS

Journey of discovery | Published on: 24 February 2014


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