The Refined

2013 Cuvée Spéciale

2013 Cuvée Spéciale

Elegant and Light

2013 was a finely crafted vintage, defined by freshness and elegance, despite very challenging conditions. Winter was relatively cold and long, with temperatures as low as -12°C. There was no shortage of rain either, making this a mixed spring. Fortunately, with more than 800 hours of sunshine, summer was exceptionally hot and dry and the grapes developed well. Fine rain showers fell in early September creating good balance in the grapes and adding the finishing touch to ripening. Showing impressively lively character, the grapes impart freshness and elegance to the blend.

Blend and Elaboration

60 cru wines, including a large proportion of premier cru, are used to craft the Cuvée Spéciale. A harmonious blend of 40% chardonnay imparting elegance and finesse, 40% pinot noir for roundness and structure and 20% meunier for fruitiness and soft, supple character.

 At least 3 years ageing in cellar together with moderate dosage allows the true refinement of this Champagne to shine.


Lovely sharp gold and clear, revealing a steady stream of fine, delicate bubbles.



Subtle primary aromas of white fruits redolent of fresh pear and peach, followed by mouthwatering notes of Mirabelle plums. The Champagne gains in freshness as it develops in the glass, revealing a delicate hint of star anise and elderflower, imparting elegance and refinement.



The 2013 Cuvée Spéciale immediately appeals with its impressive length and delightful freshness on the palate. Well-balanced, this Champagne reveals immense fluidity. Gently and delicately, its full character is unveiled with utter abandon: aromas of succulent white fruits follow limeblossom notes.

The subtle, salty finish creates the perfect partner to light, boldly-flavoured dishes.


Food and wine pairings:

Simple pleasures :

- Italian-style pasta salad

- Speck, goats’ cheese and tarragon « Involtini » bites

- Pear tart


Relaxing interlude :

- Rock salmon in a Champagne sauce and steamed vegetables

- Turkey stir-fry and fresh apricots

- Chaource cheese

- Pear and plum sorbets and fresh basil


Luxury and glamour :

- Oyster and Champagne « matelote » stew

- Pear turnover




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