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2014 Cuvée Spéciale

Full-flavoured and Harmonious

2014 was a really great year for Chardonnay. The weather was unsettling to say the least. While autumn and winter were wet and warm, spring was magnificent, very dry, hot and sunny, only to culminate in an unseasonably wet July and August, causing the healthy grapes to gain in weight. The end of summer was miraculous, and saw hot, sunny, and crucially dry September weather create ideal conditions to ripen the grapes to perfection. The 2014 vintage shows pronounced acidity and a promising aromatic profile, especially for the Chardonnay.

A blend of 40% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir and 20% Meunier.

Aged at least 5 years in the cellars.

Generous yellow stone-fruit notes and floral freshness are its calling card.
Open and compelling on the bouquet, with a medley of yellow fruit, peachy notes or even aromas of white flowers in tones of acacia and white peonies.
Generous and delicious on the palate, defined by smooth, silky Meunier texture and an open aromatic profile driven by the Chardonnay, offering succulent fruit flavours of peach, apricot and a hint of strawberry and a burst of clementine citrus, before developing an elegant flourish of verveine, limeblossom, and a sweet, refreshing bitterness on the finish.
Pinot Noir will play its part in developing the aromatic potential, offering white berry fruit fragrances of wild, sweet, yellow cherries and whitecurrant. It has more than contributed to supporting the texture of the blend to date.

AS AN APERITIF: best served at 7 - 8°C.
WITH FOOD: best served at 10 - 12°C.

Light and simple seafood dishes

From aperitif right through to dessert
Think salmon rillettes, scallop cassolette in a rich cream sauce
Pike-perch fillets in mustard
Fresh goats’ cheese on rustic bread and salad dressed in olive oil vinaigrette
Almond and apricot tart

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