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Millésime 2015 Brut

An excellent year

Decanter World Wine Awards 2023
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Showcasing an excellent year, the Millésime 2015 Brut, an equal-part blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier, delivers great character and harmony.

Aged at least 7 years in the cellars.

As an aperitif: best served at 9-10°C.
With food : best served at 10-12°C.

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Pinot Noir 33
Meunier 33
Chardonnay 33


  • Appearance: Attractive golden bronze tinged with subtle silver streaks, shining in tune with the effervescence. Delicate, lively bubbles suggest a wine bursting with promise.
  • Nose: Primary aromas of fresh hazelnuts, dried pine needles and cedar are redolent of a stroll in the forest. As the wine begins to breathe, new aromas of liquorice, praline and dried fruits come to the fore.
  • Palate: Lovely burst of delicious flavours on the palate. A wave of freshness reveals notes of lusciously ripe yellow fruits and nectarines. Initially fleshy and minty, the wine gains in richness and coats the palate, offering flavoursome notes of chestnuts and hazelnuts, dominated by well-structured Pinot Noir to stimulate the tastebuds.
Woody notes
Fresh hazelnuts, dried pine needles and cedar
Yellow fruits


The Millésime 2015 Brut is the perfect food wine, and has all the qualities to grace any table.

Suggestions: Foie Gras mi-cuit, rich beef stews (think Carbonnade Flamande), beef Wellington, pan-fried wild mushrooms, mushroom risotto, quiche Lorraine or hare terrine.

Cheese: Goat's and sheep's cheese

Foie Gras mi-cuit, Carbonnade Flamande, Beef Wellington
Pan-fried wild mushrooms, mushroom risotto
Goat's and sheep's cheese
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