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Grand Cru Millésime 2015 Blanc de Noirs

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This Blanc de Noirs Champagne is made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes carefully selected from Grand Cru villages in the Montagne de Reims. It draws its character from the soils, gaining balance and frehness from the gentle slopes of Verzy and Verzenay, and delicated spices, body and minerality from the chalky soils on the southern slopes of Bouzy.

Aged at least 6 years in the cellars.

Pinot noir 100


Appearance: Bronze-tinged, straw-yellow in colour. A fine bead forms a lively column of bubbles in the glass.

Nose: Intensely fruity primary notes reminiscent of late summer fruits - plums and greengages - followed by spices, mild curry and white pepper.

Palate: The champagne reveals impressive structure from the outset. Surprising mineral freshness from the first taste, expressing the terroir in all its true glory. Appealing notes of redcurrant, cranberry and raspberry caress the palate, paving the way for lemon verbena and Darjeeling tea. As the wine gains in body, notes of hawthorn, brambles and cedar bark come to the fore.
In a surprising finishing touch, the intense wave of flavours subsides to show off its refreshing, saline dimension.

Mild curry, white pepper
Red fruits
Redcurrant, cranberry, raspberry
Hawthorn, brambles and cedar bark

As an aperitif: best served at 7-8°C
With food: best served at 10-12°C


Grand Cru 2015 Blanc de Noirs is well-balanced and full-bodied, with all the distinguished elegance of a Grand Cru champagne. Excellent with food, it would make a great partner to risotto Milanaise, roast goose, spicy guineafowl terrine, or even delicately smoky fish such as trout or red mullet.

Trout, red mullet
Roast goose, spicy guineafowl terrine.
Risotto Milanaise
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