The Chief Winemaker

Guillaume Roffiaen seems to be a man in perpetual motion, tasting glass in hand, in constant reflection. And it would be true to say that his two main drivers – the continued quest for excellence and a thirst for discovery – leave him little respite.

Originally from the north of France, Guillaume Roffiaen’s passion for wine began at an early age. Having studied agricultural engineering and agribusiness at the Institut Superieur d’Agriculture in Lille, his passion took him to Reims, where he qualified with a National Diploma in Agriculture (DNO) in 2002. His course culminated in a period of work experience at the Centre Vinicole working alongside Jean-Pierre Vincent, who was Chief Winemaker at the time. He returned to Nicolas Feuillatte in March 2014 as Director of Winemaking and Quality, becoming Chief Winemaker in 2017. He is responsible for setting up a Creative Winemaking Committee made up of 5 oenologists engaged in a continuous research programme, throughout the entire Champagne production process, from vine to wine. With his accomplished winemaking pedigree, together with an in-depth knowledge of the quality requirements specific to Champagne vinification, Guillaume Roffiaen has all the skills to drive the development and positioning of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte on a global scale.

As well as his highly-attuned senses, Guillaume is a true visionary. He is also passionate about food and wine, and capable of experiencing the same levels of sensation from sampling authentic saucisson from Ardèche or Corsica, as a Michelin-starred tasting menu. Guillaume is seemingly instilled with a global culinary culture that he compares to an endless seam of gold. For him, above and beyond the viticultural requirements inherent to the role, invention and an open-mind are priceless. That moment when the art of cuisine takes you to a place where everyone around the table, you and those sharing the moment, know only one reality, the human relationship that unites them. “It is the same with wine. Everything that draws us together and unites us around a table is conducive to creating good times.”