A success Story

A legacy
of audacity

Since 1972, the drive to succeed is at an all-time high and enthusiasm has not waned. Increasing numbers of supporters have even greater confidence in the cooperative’s auspicious future.

Very soon, these pioneers of a new age take on new challenges. Firstly, the Centre needs to develop the very latest winemaking equipment to serve its members. And then, in the 1980s, the focus shifts to the sales of volumes not sold by its members, within the framework of controlled quality production.

By 1986, the Nicolas Feuillatte brand already features in the Top 10 imported Champagne brands in the US. In the Centre Vinicole, the founder of the Champagne brand finds a partner with similar ambitions. Their collaboration becomes a reality in the early 1990s with the growth of the Nicolas Feuillatte brand on a global scale.

Thirty years later, further to its international growth, the brand is listed throughout the world and continues sustained growth. The no.1 brand in France, 3rd in the world and 4th in the US, it has indeed affirmed its personality. It expresses this personality with the freedom and dare of its founding fathers.

Younger than the major Champagne houses rooted in their appellation, and uniting 4,500 growers, Nicolas Feuillatte is the largest growers’ Champagne brand. This youthful appeal brings with it the legitimacy to offer a new vision of luxury like no other. While Champagne is a truly exceptional product, it is not just exceptional events that deserve Champagne. Luxury is all about emotion and pleasure. Luxury is sharing a precious moment with a bottle of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte.