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Collection Vintage 2012 Blanc de Blancs - Limited Edition - Monogram

Double gold
Sakura Japan Women Wine Awards 2020
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The grapes selected for this 100% Chardonnay Champagne are sourced predominantly from the Côte des Blancs, bringing freshness and minerality, and from Sézannais, Montgueux and the Marne Valley. This mosaic of vineyards and soils (clay, limestone and chalk) brings great aromatic complexity to this cuvée.

Winter 2012 will go down in history as the return of the Ice Age, largely due to a prolonged spell of severe frost during the first two weeks of February and temperatures much lower than the 10-year average: a record-breaking -20.9°C (-5.62 F) in Reims on 3rd February.

Spring was particularly chaotic, with more frost between April and mid-May, during the Ice Saints in mid-May when hail struck part of the vineyard. Fortunately, the hot, sunny weather that set in at the end of July and continued until the start of the harvest on 10th September, promoted ideal ripening in the grapes. Though low in volume, the grapes were perfectly healthy. The Chardonnay wines resulting from the 2012 harvest are complex, fresh, lively and well-balanced, with a generous finish.

Aged at least 6 years in our cellars.

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Chardonnay 100

A delicate bead forms a regular, pirouetting stream of bubbles.

The wine is bright and delicately golden in appearance, tinged with silver-green. Elegant and graceful, this Champagne is initially underpinned on the palate by bucolic, springtime notes of fresh flowers and angelica. The complex aromas gain in intensity, revealing notes of fresh honey and plums, followed by mint and coriander on the finish. The perfectly balanced freshness will support this delicately mineral Blanc de Blancs as it attains its true potential.

The Collection Vintage 2012 Blanc de Blancs combines the purity and elegance of chardonnay with the rich character of the vintage.

Notes of fresh flowers and angelica


Fine dining
Salmon tartare and sesame seeds
Minty goat's cheese wraps
Roasted King prawns and finely-chopped coriander.
"King cake" brioche

Relaxing interlude
Green asparagus risotto
Veal casserole
Vegetable linguine

Fine dining
Hard-boiled egg, seeded bread soldiers with truffle butter
Line-caught sea bass with herbs in a Champagne sauce
AOP Tête de Moine cheese
Rocamadour cheese

Green asparagus risotto, Vegetable linguine
Salmon tartare, King prawns, Sea bass
Goat's cheese, AOP Tête de Moine cheese, Rocamadour cheese
"King cake" brioche, waffles

#1 Champagne in France

#3 in the World