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2010 Grand Cru Chardonnay

2010 Grand Cru Chardonnay

Mineral and full-flavoured

This vintage Champagne exudes the character and expression typical of 2010, which was an exceptional year like no other.  A long, frosty winter was followed by a relatively cool spring, while summer was hot, sunny and dry culminating in heavy rainfall in August. The grapes ripened in extreme weather conditions. In the end, the exceptionally late rainfall, together with a rise in temperature, accelerated ripening in the grapes. 2010 is a vintage big on flavour. 


The grapes selected for the 2010 Grand Cru Chardonnay are sourced from Grand Cru villages across Champagne. Acclaimed for the typical character and quality of the chalky soils, they reward us with wines defined by mineral elegance.

“A Champagne exuding quintessential Chardonnay character”.



Appealing, deep gold, tinged with subtle pearl highlights.
Gossamer bubbles form a lively, steady ribbon in the glass.


Primary aromas develop appealing roasted character of varying tones, interweaved with lovely mineral, flinty aromas.
As the Champagne breathes, aromas of sweet spice develop in the glass, revealing a hint of cinnamon or even the peppery, nutmeg notes of annatto, which then subtly pale against the more lingering star anise.


The overriding poise of this Champagne is Immediately apparent, together with a minty freshness beautifully underpinned with white grape flavours. Delicate minerality takes the fore at the end of the palate, while a hint of star anise joins the throng, leaving a remarkable sense of freshness in its wake.
The 2010 Grand Cru Chardonnay is a great Champagne that will truly shine in 3-5 years for an unforgettable drinking experience.

As an aperitif, best served at 7 - 8°C.
With food, best served at 10 - 12°C.

Food and wine pairings:

Simple pleasures :

-As an aperitif, served with a few unadorned strawberries or raspberries

- Smoked salmon

- Young comté cheese

- Ile flottante meringue

Relaxing interlude

- Blue trout quickly poached in stock

- Veal filet mignon « à la provencale »

- Tropical fruit salad


Luxury and glamour

- Lobster and cream of tarragon flan

- Braised turbot with cream of potatoes and vanilla



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