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60% Pinot Noir
40% Chardonnay

From organically-grown grapes: 75% in Barséquanais (including 40% from Les Riceys) and 25% from the Vallée de la Marne.

Aged for a minimum of five years in cellars maintained at a constant temperature.

Pinot noir 60
Chardonnay 40

Tasting note

Visual: Soft yellow with attractive silver glints and fine, vivacious bubbles.

Nose: An immediate awareness of fruits: the ose opens on aromas of vine peach, quince jelly, cherry pit and gooseberry.

Palate: Notes of grilled toast and warm brioche, punctuated with Mirabelle plums and exotic Mangostana. Assertive structure. The palate is harmonious and tempers the freshness and verve of the wine, with subtle hints of raspberry and pomegranate. The finish offers surprising minerality.

Grilled toast and warm brioche
Mirabelle plums and exotic Mangostana
Red fruits
Raspberry, pomegranate.

Food and wine pairings

Ideal as a pre-dinner apéritif, it can also be paired with simple and fresh food. Try it with a cured-salmon Gravlax, fish roe on black bread toast, chargrilled oysters crusted with Parmesan, home-made puff pastry cheese straws, roasted vegetable quiche or just goat cheese with a crunchy loaf.

Parmesan, pastry cheese straws, goat cheese
Chargrilled oysters
Cured-salmon Gravlax, fish roe on black bread toast.

#1 Champagne in France

#3 in the World