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Réserve Exclusive Demi-sec

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A harmonious blend of 20% chardonnay imparting elegance and finesse, 40% pinot noir for roundness and structure and 40% meunier for fruitiness and soft, supple character.

Aged for 3-4 years in our cellars.

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Chardonnay 20
Pinot noir 40
Meunier 40

Nose: Rich and intense. Mature notes of dried fruits (apricot, raisins) followed by almonds and vanilla. Great deal of substance.

Palate: The mouth is smooth, enhanced by candied fruits and hazelnut. Nice and rich balance of toasted bread and honey.

The finish is fleshy, underlined by yellow fruits (mango), and ends on a silky and soft touch.

Toasted bread
Yellow fruits

The Réserve Exclusive Demi-Sec is at its best with desserts. It particularly pairs with pastries, crêpes, a brioche or panettone, adding depth and flavours. Perfect to toast the bride and groom at the cake-cutting ceremony!

Its richness and vinosity also bring out the best of sweet/savoury dishes (foie gras with a chutney), spices from Carribbean or Indian dishes, and more surprisingly of blue cheeses (Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Stilton) or Soumaintrain.

Spicy dishes
Carribbean or Indian dishes
Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Stilton, Soumaintrain
Pastries, crêpes, brioche
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