Ode to freedom

Freedom begins – listen to its voice – between the walls, between the carefully arranged squares of our diaries and schedules, between the order of the day to day. It pervades like a breath of fresh air.

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Freedom is a journey. The infinite freedom of open spaces. Do you remember the feeling as a child on a wide-open beach, the sea roaring in your ears? Freedom is demanding – to be entire, it must be conquered. It calls to be liberated of all ties, even those that bring comfort. It resonates in hymns and is carved on stone. Pronounced by the voices of every nation, a million hopes united. Often under attack, but always defended, freedom is an eternal ideal.

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Freedom is the elixir of life; to live life to the full, free as the wind, to go where our feet may roam, to err far away or establish roots, and like a storm, go wild or fall silent. Freedom is not indifference. It is not, according to Descartes, to arbitrarily choose one path or another, but essentially the freedom of choice; yes or no, the right to choose, impervious to the will of others.

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Freedom is a magic word, an inalienable right, which incited Paul Eluard to write:

I was born

to know you

to name you Freedom.

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