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Sisters with sparkle

In their latest album, Drink Champagne, with its indie-pop influences, this Seattle duo pay tribute to Champagne and joie de vivre.

With their hipster allure and happy gay appeal, Emily Westman and Andrew Vais admit to having pooled their talents with the sole purpose of making their fans happy. And their euphoric, colourful sounds with psychedelic melodies using piano, percussion and drums do not disappoint. “Their music is catchy and genius in equal measure,” points out influential American music pundit Jared Brannan, of ‘Gelatinous blog’. After appearing on stage alongside soul prodigy Allen Stone at Chateau Ste. Michelle (Washington State), Sisters are captivating audiences with their singles Back2U and Buzzard. Since then, they have become hot property on the festival circuit. In less than a year, Sisters have featured at a run of US music events including Sasquatch! Music Festival (George, Washington State), Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival (Seattle), Fisherman’s Village Music Festival (Everett, Washington State) and Capitol Hill Block Party (Seattle).

The pair met and made an instant connection at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami, where they were both studying. On their return to Seattle, they formed the band in spring 2014. “When we first started, we tended to work separately doing our own thing.”Nowadays, their approach has evolved into a more symbiotic creative process. “We write and compose together now! While we maintain our individuality, we are now much more of a unit,” adds Emily. So why the reference to Champagne in the title of the album? “It’s perhaps the most deliciously empowering drink on the planet”, replies Andrew with a broad smile, before going on to add: “The sound of Emily’s voice as it resonates and vibrates is how I imagine Champagne to be…”

A far cry from the hubbub of the city, the duo pen songs in a friend’s log cabin on Whidbey Island opposite Seattle. And Queer Life is the first song to emerge from their refuge. “This is how we write, on things we both love and in the spirit of freedom.”

Genre: Indie Pop
Band members: Emily Westman & Andrew Vait
Originally from: Seattle

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