The wonderful world of 40

In 2016, Nicolas Feuillatte celebrated its 40 year anniversary. Nicolas Feuillatte is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Far from old, this is often said to be the best age… But, it is also a mischievous number fraught with turmoil, which since the dawn of time has held many surprises in store. Read on for a whistle-stop tour of some of the most famous forties!

40s mid-life crisis

Long-term dissatisfaction, children growing up too quickly, a body that is beginning to sag; all this to look forward to during a mid-life crisis. We tell ourselves that exercise is the answer, but also that we should have taken it up ten years sooner. If ever there were an age for being brutally honest with oneself, then this is it. Before hitting 40, it’s all sunshine and roses, but after that, it all gets a bit repetitive…



The Roaring Forties

Mythical waters for every sailor with a burning desire to brave the wrath of the elements, the “Roaring Forties” are terrifying and fascinating in equal measure. These days, the most able skippers would not think twice about braving Southern Hemisphere latitudes between 40 – 50 degrees, where Dantesque seas offer waves as high as 35 metres in the fiercest of storms. Fortunately though, everything soon calms down, well almost…but can the howling fifties promise an easier ride ?



Quarantine… 40 days!

In days gone by, it was proud seafaring vessels that were kept in isolation at the entrance to the port, loaded with gold and silver, but also plague and cholera. Or even survivors of devastated plague-ridden villages, locked inside fortresses. In Western countries these days, it is infected files and computer viruses that are duly placed in quarantine. Strange times indeed. And then we start to fantasise about illness and the possible delights of quarantine… in the countryside, in the shade, with a good book in hand and a glass of Champagne within reach… A welcome escape with no connection…Quick, virus alert!



40… Oh my God !

In both the Old and New Testament, the number 40 often comes up as a synonym for introspection and struggle, 40 days of fasting, 40 days and 40 nights of rain, 40 days and 40 nights before Moses reached the top of Mount Sinaï. If the number 40 marks the turning point towards spiritual enlightenment, it’s never without pain and suffering!


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